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Tired of winter chalets & dusty apartments Bike Morzine was founded by a group of likeminded mountain bikers in 2013, to provide quality and affordable mountain bike specific holiday accommodation in Europe's mountain bike mecca. We’ve been riding, partying and living the dream in Morzine Bike Park for nearly twenty years and you’ll be hard pushed to find anyone with more knowledge and love for the area.

Alongside running epic Morzine MTB holidays we aim to build the community and give back whenever we can. We host free community events, dig days and parties to raise money for charity, all whilst doing our best to care for this beautiful environment we're so lucky to explore.

Owned & operated by mountain bikers, Bike Morzine is the essence of "By Riders for riders".

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The Bike Morzine Story

Established in 2013  party lap provocateur Russ Paver was tired of staying in outdated crappy apartments and winter ski chalets with no bike facilities and no interest in mountain bikers. Bike Morzine was created with one goal in mind: offer incredible mountain bike specific holidays in Morzine that deliver quality, value for money and make your holiday as a mountain biker easy. Hoping other mountain bikers would explore and fall in love with the riding in Morzine just like he did.

Starting from a humble 3 man team, Bike Morzine has grown and gone from strength to strength over the past decade into a fine tuned operation, whilst still remaining humble to its values of fun, inclusivity & friendliness. Now one of Europes biggest MTB holiday providers we have teamed up with the best mountain bike holidays from all corners of the World allowing us to offer awesome MTB holidays all year round.

Run by mountain bikers that have spent many a year riding bikes all over the world, we know exactly what you want from your mtb accommodation: great central locations, affordable prices and above all, accommodation that caters toward you as a mountain biker. Bike storage, Bike washes, workshops and tools. We've got the lot.

​ Respected and admired by the mountain bikers in the know, BikeMorzine is the essence of "For Riders, By Riders"

We believe that actions speak louder than words, so find out what we get up to below.

mtb riders travers a single track high up in morzine bike park whilst enjoying a perfect day on their morzine mountain bike holiday

Help us, help the planet.

Environmental Efforts

​At Bike Morzine, we love the mountains. Be it riding mountain bikes in the summer months, skiing in the winter and everything in-between. We're guessing if you're reading this, you're probably in love with the mountains as well.  Sadly the way we enjoy the mountains, the associated seasons and activities we love are massively under threat due to Climate Change. Travel & Tourism is undoubtably one of many contributing factors to this problem and here at Bike Morzine, we believe its time companies took responsibility and give something back to the mountains that give us so much.

man plants sapling tree with money donated from morzine mtb holiday donations from bike morzine

Let's keep it green.

One Booking = One Tree

When mountain biking in Morzine it's easy to forget how spoilt we are with the clean air, lush forests and endless mountains in Les Portes du Soleil. Increasingly so, this is not the case all over the World and with each tree cut down threatens the way we enjoy our this beautiful mountain environment and associated Morzine Summer seasons that give us so much.

In an effort to care for Morzine mountain biking and the World we live in, Bike Morzine has partnered with the amazing OneTreePlanted and for every booking from October 2020 onwards, we vouch to plant a tree on your behalf , wherever it's most needed around the World. This is Bike Morzine's gift to you our guests, completely free of charge and although it is only a small step in the right direction, we believe re-forestation to be one of the simplest ways for us to counter the impacts of our Morzine mountain biking holidays.

Check Our Progress on Plant a Tree:

check Progress
mtb riders travers a single track high up in morzine bike park whilst enjoying a perfect day on their morzine mountain bike holiday

Book with the environment in mind.

Carbon Offset

During the booking process we encourage guests to offset the carbon impact of their Morzine MTB Holiday, any donations made will be matched by us here at Bike Morzine.  This money goes towards World Lands Trust, who offset emissions by protecting threatened habitats that would otherwise have been lost, avoiding the release of stored carbon. This also enables the regeneration of degraded habitats, which gradually re-absorb atmospheric CO2.

We recommend donating roughly 5% of the cost of the holiday, however anything you are willing to donate is appreciated.

Bike Morzine will match all Carbon Offset donations.

Bike morzine tree planting

Fun, light-hearted & accessible to all.

Bike Morzine Mates Races

These are not "races" as you know them; no pressure, no crappy tracks and bon vibes only.

The Bike Morzine race series provides a light-hearted and interesting format to race against your mates.  These races are completely free of charge and aim to bring the Morzine summer community together over their love of riding bikes, all washed down by local beers and good food.

Races you'll never forget & after parties you'll never remember.  

We work with the bike parks and aim to host a series of Mates Races and the Whip Off World Champsionships every summer season. We love hosting these events almost as much as you'll love racing them, all proceeds from donations & bar sales go towards raising money for local charities.

The union Race team lineup

Supporting Up & Coming Racers

The Union

​The Union is a race team set up by Joe Bowman of Steel City Media. The aim is simple: provide some of the worlds fastest up and coming racers the infrastructure to race at the highest level and to act as a stepping stone towards a factory race team.

We absolutely love the concept and along with some of the best brands in the business, Bike Morzine have been supporting the team since day one. We provide the team with the ultimate Morzine training ground to hone their skills and a pad for them to base themselves for the season. When the guys aren't racing around the world you'll find them smashing out the Pleney bangers with the rest of us. With so much world class downhill riding on the doorstep Morzine is the perfect place to call home in between the races.

After the first season in 2021 seeing incredible success on the World Cup circuit we cannot wait to see what the future holds for the team.

Join the Union
Bike morzine merch

Look good, feel good, ride good!

Bike Morzine Merch

What better way to remember an epic Morzine MTB Holiday than some Bike Morzine MTB merchandise as a souvenir, however we are well aware that clothing manufacturing, fast fashion & packaging have a huge impact on the environment.  We are taking responsibility and making an effort to reduce the environmental impact of our Morzine mountain biking merchandise through the following steps.

All orders are posted using 100% recycled & biodegradable materials.
Bike Morzine MTB merchandise is printed on organic materials and uses eco-friendly, local printing. We have significantly upped the quality of our biking T-shirts materials and print. This comes at a price but is well worth it as we hope to see the shirt last 10+ years and turn into a garage rag after that.

MErchandise Store
Russ Paver the founder of bike morzine, providing quality mountain bike holidays in morzine

Founder & Director

Russ Paver

Party lap provocateur Russ lives and breathes mountain biking and when he's not chained to the office you'll find him misleading a group of guests on some Pleney Bangers on his Santa Cruz V10 and making everyday another great day to be alive.

Favorite Trail in Morzine:
"Official trail - Hattock. Unofficial trail - Piss Lizard. Next time you see a loamer peel off the side of a track, take it! You might be pleasantly surprised."

First Bike:
"Mongoose BMX and my first proper mountain bike was a 24seven Darkangel, a steel DH bike with Monster T's and BMX cranks, it weighed an absolute shittonne but I loved it"

All Time Favourite Bike:
"Santa Cruz Megatower can climb like a mountain goat and it's so goddamn fun on the gnarliest of decents"

Favourite Quote:
"Busy-ness is a form of laziness, a lack of priorities & indiscriminate action"

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