Peace of mind for your Morzine Holiday.

Morzine MTB Holiday Insurance

We've partnered up with Yellow Jersey Insurance to offer the best possible Morzine MTB holiday insurance, covering everything you need as a mountain biker from holiday cancellation, injury cover, Corona virus cover & the genuine cost of your pride and joy.

Morzine MTB Holiday Insurance

Mountain biking is a dangerous sport and it is essential to have yourself covered at home & when holidaying abroad. We have joined forces with the team at Yellow Jersey Insurance to provide you with genuine MTB holiday & bike insurance policies that cover your every need as a mountain biker traveling to the Worlds biggest bike park, including medical expenses and emeragancy rescue costs.

These packages are available for short term holidays or on an annual basis to cover yourself & your bike year round.
Unlike most insurance companies Yellow Jersey genuinely cover the mountain biking that you do, this includes racing of any kind, riding downhill & much more. Yellow Jersey work for you and won the insurance industries "Claims team of the year 2021".

All policies purchased after the 4th March 2022 now include Corona Virus cover!

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Travel Insurance

- Medical Expenses £10 million​
- European or Worldwide Cover
- Single or Multi-Trip Cover
- Single, Couple or Group Cover
- Corona Virus Cover
- Repatriation £10 million
- Trip Cancellation up to £5000
- Missed Departure up to £1000
- Delayed Travel or Baggage £250
- Personal Liability £2 million
- Loss of Limb or Sight £20,000
- Permanent Disability £20,000

- Emergancy Bike Hire
- Race Fee Cancellation
- Bike Breakdown Cover

Bike Insurance

- ​Up to 120 days Worldwide Cover
- Accidental Damage Cover
- Theft at or away from Home Cover
- Theft from Vehicle Cover
- Single Bike Limit up to £15,000
- Public Liability up to £2 million
- Crash Damage Cover
- Zero Value Depreciation
- Multi Bike 60% Discount
- Racing Cover
- Emergancy Bike Hire
- Physio dental & permanent Injury
​- Clothing & Equipment Cover

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Corona Virus Insurance FAQ's

Will I be covered for Coronavirus?
Yes, all policies purchased on or after the 4th March 2022 will include cover for emergency medical care and other expenses such as cancellation and curtailment related to COVID 19.

What if I need medical treatment for an accident?
This will be covered as normal as long the FCO have agreed travel to the destination.  

What if the UK goes back into lockdown while I am away?
You will be covered but will need to make a reasonable attempt to travel home as quickly and safely as possible.  

What if the country I am in goes into lockdown while I am away?
You will be covered however, you will need to make a reasonable attempt to travel home as quickly and safely as possible.

Does my policy cover me if I am diagnosed with Coronavirus while travelling overseas?
Yes, all necessary medical emergency and associated expenses will be covered.

Am I covered for cancellation if I'm diagnosed with Coronavirus before I travel?
If you are diagnosed with Coronavirus and cannot travel, cancellation cover would apply so long as your GP confirms the diagnosis and the fact that you are not able to travel.

If a member of my family travelling with me is diagnosed with Coronavirus and is subject to compulsory quarantine by the treating doctor, are we all covered for any additional accommodation and travel costs incurred?
Yes, provided you are all insured with us and are all subject to quarantine. You must be able to provide medical evidence from the treating doctor or local authority to confirm the quarantine order.

If you need to make a mountain bike insurance or MTB travel insurance claim, Yellow Jersey handle all MTB insurance claims in house, meaning you will be dealing with a real person, who knows what they are talking about.  If you do make a Mountain bike travel insurance or bike insurance claim, there is will be no extra charge when you come to renew your policy, in fact you receive a 25% discount during renewal.

There is no doubt that Yellow Jersey offer some of the worlds best MTB travel insurance and general bike insurance, this is backed up by their partnerships with some of the Worlds best cycling teams.

For more information or if you have any questions, hit the button below.
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