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Terms and Conditions


Mountain biking is a very dangerous sport, BikeMorzine Ltd cannot be held responsible for any injuries or accidents that happen during your time at any Bike Morzine Holiday. It is mandatory to have adequate insurance to cover serious injury, death, mountain rescue and any loss/theft of personal goods or bicycle. We have teamed up with Yellow Jersey to provide the ultimate insurance cover whilst holidaying in the alps at an affordable price.

For all the relevant insurance cover, please follow this link.

By booking with us you are agreeing that you are aware that mountain biking is a hazardous sport that carries a lot of risks and dangers, including the risk of serious injury and even death. You also accept full responsibility for the risks inherent in mountain biking and the  Portes du Soleil area/mountain environment.  Through booking you  agree to release and indemnify BikeMorzine LTD,  their employees, contractors, officers, and owners, from all claims for any injury or damage resulting from any cause, including negligence.

If booking on behalf of other parties and minors, I recognise that I may not release any claims the minor may have. However, I accept full responsibility for all medical expenses incurred as a result of the minor's participation. I also agree to release and indemnify BikeMorzine LTD and their employees, contractors, officers, and owners for any claims brought by or on behalf of the minor. This also applies to any of BikeMorzines partners or third parties associated with BikeMorzine


Please see our Covid-19 terms & conditions here.


It is within the companies rights to take a damage deposit from guests. This is purely a precautionary measure and will be refunded in full providing there has been no damages/breakages to any properties, furniture or any other contents on the BikeMorzine ltd. premises.

If you cause any damages, nuisances  during your holiday to the property/furniture/products/other guests property etc. will be charged the FULL cost of this damage. This charge covers any breakages, vandalism, theft and/or loss of any property of BikeMorzine LTD, be it in the chalet, bike storage area and/or bike workshop. If inappropriate behaviour is deemed to cause nuisance, disruption or dissatisfaction to another guests holiday then you will be charged for the compensation paid to the effected guests.  If a sole individual cannot be held responsible for a certain incident then the funds may be withdrawn from ANY members of their groups deposits.

Cancellations/ Refunds

Under highly unlikely circumstances beyond BikeMorzine LTD's control it may be necessary to make alterations to a confirmed booking or to cancel the booking completely. Whilst BikeMorzine LTD will make every effort to make sure this does not happen, however if it is unavoidable, BikeMorzine LTD will contact the group leader as soon as possible and offer compensation of  full refund of any monies paid. No other compensation will be offered.  This compensation does not include events amounting to Force Majeure (Force Majeure meaning war, political unrest, weather, strikes, acts of God, pandemics, epidemics, riots, terrorist activity, natural disasters, nuclear war etc.)

Bookings may be cancelled by Bike Morzine Limited within a 48 hour grace period to avoid the event of double bookings. Customers will be notified immediately. You the customer maintain the right to cancel your booking at any time providing it is submitted in email/writing from the group leader. However you will be subject to BikeMorzine LTD's cancellation charges stated below.

Booking Deposits are non - refundable.
80 days or less before the date your holiday commences: You pay 100% of total holiday cost

Non receipt of the balance of the cost of the holiday will not be taken as notification of cancellation; you the client will still be liable for cancellation charges as shown if they subsequently cancel the holiday.

Bike Morzine will do what they can to help with date changes wherever possible however this is not guaranteed. A £50 admin fee will be charged for any date changes.

Airport Transfers

Cancellations made less than 2 weeks prior to your arrival date are non-refundable. Cancellations made more than 2 weeks prior to your arrival date will receive 65% of the total cost refunded. 35% of the total cost will be held to cover administration & cancellation fees. A re-booking fee of £50 will be taken for date changes.

Bike Hire

Cancellations made less than 2 weeks prior to your arrival date are non-refundable. Cancellations made more than 2 weeks prior to your arrival date will receive 65% of the total cost refunded. 35% of the total cost will be held to cover administration & cancellation fees.  A re-booking fee of £50 will be taken for date changes.

Lift Passes

Cancellations made less than 2 weeks prior to your arrival date are non-refundable. Cancellations made more than 2 weeks prior to your arrival date will receive 65% of the total cost refunded. 35% of the total cost will be held to cover administration & cancellation fees.  A re-booking fee of £50 will be taken for date changes.

All guests must take a photo or note of their lift pass number upon receiving the pass. In the event of losing and requiring a reprint of your liftpass an admin fee of £30 plus £5 per lift pass to cover the cost of the plastic card will be charged providing you have the lift pass number. If you do not have your lift pass number we cannot provide a replacement.

Guiding & Coaching

Prior to 2 weeks of booked date: sessions are non-refundable but are transferable (subject to availability) for a £50 administration fee.

Within the 2 weeks ofthe session/ class: bookings are non-transferable and non refundable.
Special cases are always considered however and RideAbility will endeavour to provide the best service possible. When bookings have not been paid for in advance payment is still due for any cancellations made.

Reimbursements cannot be offered for late arrivals or early finishes on the part of the client.
In case of bad weather when RideAbility deems the conditions suitable to ride in, payment for all bookings will be due. Activities booked and paid for in full or partly will not be liable for a refund.
Should RideAbility cancel any activities then the client will receive a pro-rata refund based on the amount of activity already carried out, no further compensation will be offered.

Booking Agent

Many products offered by Bike Morzine ltd. via this website are provided with Bike Morzine ltd acting as a 3rd party booking agent for other established holiday providers, this includes but is not limited to accommodation, bike rental, transfers, lift passes, guiding & coaching. Bike Morzine ltd will not be held directly responsible for guests experiences whilst partaking in these 3rd party services, by booking one of these 3rd party services via this site you are agreeing to both Bike Morzine's terms & conditions and those terms and conditions of the 3rd party operator. ​ BikeMorzine ltd. is not responsible for your stay/trip with any 3rd party accommodation/tour. You must abide to the Hotel/Tour guides rules & regulations during your stay. BikeMorzine ltd. is not responsible for loss/damage or theft of any personal belongs whilst staying with a 3rd Party accommodation provide or whilst on a 3rd party tour. All responsibility is passed onto the accommodation/tour provider.

Lift Closure

Bike Morzine Limited will not be held responsible for the closure of any lifts in the Portes Du Soleil region during a clients stay.


Whilst staying on BikeMorzine LTD property all clients are expected to behave in an orderly, respectable and acceptable manner. If their behaviour was to threaten the condition of the accommodation or seriously affect the enjoyment of other guests or other guests staying at Bike Morzine properties. BikeMorzine LTD reserves the right to refuse to accommodate the guilty party and any contractual obligations will be terminated. The guilty party will be liable for the cost of any damage so caused (as stated above).

BikeMorzine LTD does not except any liability or responsibility for any injuries or death that occurs during your booking, whether it be in any of BikeMorzines property/grounds or outside of the property. In particular BikeMorzine LTD does not accept responsibility for any injuries/death that is caused through no fault of our own and which BikeMorzine could not forsee or avoid.


All persons undertaking any activities operated by BikeMorzine LTD accept and understand that these activities contain an inherent level of risk of death and personal injury, no claim pertaining to injuries or death sustained whilst participating in one of  BikeMorzine's  activities will be entertained nor liability accepted by BikeMorzine.

If you develop symptoms of COVID 19 whilst in Morzine and decide to self-isolate, Bike Morzine does not accept liability or responsibility to provide you with accommodation beyond your contracted holiday dates.

When holidaying in the alps, It is essential to have insurance covering your emergency healthcare, emergency mountain rescue & all associated costs with an accident.  For all the relevant cover, please follow this link.

Personal Belongings

BikeMorzine LTD will not be held responsible for the loss/theft or misplacement of any personal belongings and/or vehicles from the BikeMorzine or any 3rd party booking's premises. While we strive to make our chalets as secure as possible however we can not guarantee it. Please consider this when packing for your holiday and leave expensive and/or valuable personal belongings at home.

We highly recommend getting travel/holiday insurance before your stay that covers you both for injury as well as theft/loss/damage to your bike and any other belongings. For all the relevant cover, please follow this link.

Rental Bikes

Bike Morzine Limited is acting as a booking agent for SARL The Woods Morzine and Torico Morzine.
The liability and responsibility of maintenance, safety and any other issues remain the responsibility of these rental companies. Bike Morzine Limited will not be held responsible for any damages, injuries and or deaths of any guest using this service.  It is highly recommended that guests using this service have adequate travel insurance, to cover medical costs and or damage of the rented bicycle.


BikeMorzine LTD will not be held responsible for transfers booked through our service. BikeMorzine are simply a booking agent and once the payment has been made all information and responsibility/liability will be passed on to you the customer and the transfer company - SARL getaway vans

Guiding / Coaching

For Coaching / Guiding services offered on this site, BikeMorzine LTD is acting as a third party booking agent for Ride Ability (RideAbility, c/o FB Freeride, 146 route du Pleney, 74110) . Bike Morzine LTD will not be held responsible for any guests misfortune during their time with Ride Ability including but not limited to injury, death, getting lost or damage to personal property.


Bike Morzine LTD is acting as a third party booking agent for all accommodation listed on this website nd will not be held responsible for any guest misfortune for at the aforementioned properties. Guest misfortune is including but not limited to: injury, death, theft and loss of personal property. We highly recommend having adequate holiday insurance which will provide cover against any of the above issues.

Tourist Tax

A compulsory local Morzine tourist Tax of €2 per person per night, will be charged to your payment method before arrival.


Any complaints should be made to a member of staff as soon as possible or to


BikeMorzine is constantly updating its website and information and will endeavour to never misrepresent anything on its website. However we cannot guarantee that information will be 100% accurate all the time due to constant changes in the resort.


Any information given to BikeMorzine ltd. via our contact forms may be used for marketing purposes.

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