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Morzine Bike Hire

At Bike Morzine we know how much difference having the right tool for the job makes. We have partnered with the best in the business to offer the ultimate Morzine bike hire. We have a full and varied fleet of hire bikes more than capable of tackling all that the Morzine bike park trails can throw at them. Whether you're looking for downhill bike hire, enduro bike hire, e-bike hire (electric bike hire) or kids bike hire, we’ve got you covered with our Morzine bike rental fleet.

Morzine Bike Hire includes a full face or half shell helmet, knee & elbow pads can be rented for a small fee. Bikes are returned to the shop each night to be cleaned, serviced and checked over by our expert mechanics, making your bike run perfect the next day.

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Morzine Bike Hire

Booking your Morzine bike hire is easy.
First select your dates then click the green "available" button next to your preferred bike type to choose sizes & quantity.

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 All of our Morzine MTB rental bikes are maintained to the highest level by the friendliest and most skilled mechanics in town, you'll be hard pressed to find better quality or service. The rental bikes will be set up with the brake and suspension settings to suit your riding preferences and are returned to the central Morzine bike hire shop every night where they are thoroughly cleaned and serviced to keep the bikes running perfect and to maximise your time on the trails.

Our Morzine bike hire consists of downhill, enduro, electric bikes and kids mountain bikes . So whether you're looking to lap Pleney bangers on a long travel race wagon or explore a little further on a mid travel enduro weapon, we’ve got what you need.

But What Type Of Bike Rental Is Best For Morzine?

If you’re new to mountain biking or are unsure what type of  hire bike is best for exploring the trails of Morzine then we’re here to help. The enduro hire bikes have a good amount of suspension and big brakes, perfect for tackling the long descents of the Portes du Soleil. They also have dropper posts and a wide range of gears enabling you tackle a much wider variety of up and downhill terrain.

Our downhill bikes are specifically designed for the steepest, fastest & roughest trails you cand find. Long travel forks and coil shocks designed for smoothing out the rough stuff at high speeds. Hiring a downhill bike will mean you will be able to tackle the most challenging tracks, lap the bike park all day & keep that arm pump away.. However if you're planning on doing big days exploring the wider area, or going in any direction other than down, then an enduro bike might be the better option.

If you’re looking to explore the lesser ridden trails of the Morzine bike park and gain some altitude then have a look at our e-bikes. They are essentially an enduro bike with a motor meaning you’ll be spinning up those mountains in record time whilst still breaking a sweat.

Any questions on Morzine bike hire? Hit up our team of experts below.

Renting a bike through the Morzine bike hire booking tool is quick and easy, just select the type of bike then choose your size and the dates you require to see availability.

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