Electric bikes have been absolutely booming for the last half of 2020, so much so that there is even a world wide shortage. Whether you love them or hate them E-bikes are here to stay. Electric bikes allow more laps, in less time and have opened up mountain biking for those less able due to old age, injuries or lack of fitness, which we think is great.

There has been a definite rise in the popularity of E-bikes in Morzine. Each year we see more and more electric bikes on the trails, either using pedal power to climb the huge mountains outside of lift opening times or people bringing their one and only mountain bike out to ride the vast network of chairlifts.

However there is one issue that constantly arises. Can you fly with an E-bike Battery?

In short, no you cannot. In general Airlines do not allow batteries over 100Wh on planes in either checked luggage or hand luggage. 100Wh covers all laptops/ general electrics, however most electric mountain bikes batteries are within the 500-600Wh range, meaning you can definitely not fly with them.

However do not worry we have the following solutions for those wanting to ride E-bikes in Morzine.

If you have your own e-bike that you wish to bring out, check out our Morzine Electric Bike Battery Hire. We have a wide range of batteries available to fit most bikes, these batteries can be delivered to your door.

Alternatively, you can rent a 2022 Devinci Electric Mountain Bike Here.

So here's to more happy riders enjoying these amazing mountains!