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Driving To Morzine

Driving to Morzine for your mtb holiday is a great option. Not only does it allow you to bring more kit, tools and bikes, its also a great way to see a bit of France. 8 hours from Calais on fast open toll roads followed by a short mountain ascent, the drive to Morzine is relatively straight forward. Driving is a great way to split travel costs between friends and is an increasingly popular option as more people travel to Morzine to ride e-bikes.

Driving To Morzine

Driving to Morzine from the UK involves crossing the channel via ferry or eurotunnel and driving 541 miles of open road from Calais. This might sound like a lot but thanks to the efficient and generally quiet French toll road system, it’s easily drivable in one day. With plenty of places to stop along the way to refuel and rest, it can be a great alternative to flying for those bring more bikes, spares, tools and clothing with you without the restrictions of weight limits and excess baggage fees.

Reasons To Consider Driving To Morzine:
Luggage - If you want to bring more than 1 bike per person or bring lots of spares & biking equipment with you then the excess baggage fee's can add up pretty quickly at the airport. If you are travelling in a group it can be far more cost effective to drive your equipment to Morzine.

Having A Car In Resort - You most definitely do not need a car in Morzine as it is a relatively small town and you can access all of the bike park on two wheels especially when staying in our central accommodation. However, there are some fantastic places to visit which are more easily accessible with a car. Fancy an evening swim and bbq at the lake, simply jump in the car for the short ten minute drive or check out some neightbouring resorts.

Flexibility- Other than making your ferry or Eurotunnel crossing there is no timetable for the journey. You can take the drive at your own pace, stop when and where you want, check out various other mountain towns etc.

Costs - Travelling as a family or a group of friends can be expensive with airport parking, flights and airport transfers all adding up. Driving to Morzine can be a more cost effective option for some travelling in groups.

Crossing The Channel
When driving to Morzine from the UK you will need to cross the English Channel. Fortunately there are two very efficient ways to cross it with your car.

Eurotunnel - The Eurotunnel is the quickest and most efficient way to cross the channel. It’s also the best way to avoid people as you don't even need to leave your vehicle. With competitive rates and regular special offers, the crossing on the Eurotunnel takes just 35 minutes. Bike racks, roof racks, trailers, high roof vehicles are all catered for and it’s pet friendly too. If you’re looking to get the journey done quickly then the Eurotunnel is definitely the best option.

Ferry - The passenger ferry route between Dover and Calais is a great option if you have a longer drive on the UK side as it gives you an opportunity to take a proper break. The whole ferry experience is a little slower and the crossing itself takes around an hour and a half. Leaving the car is compulsory and the ferries have ample seating areas, outside decks as well as duty free shops and eateries. So if you're looking to split the drive up and get some relaxing time away from the wheel then the ferry could be a great option. The ferry is often the cheaper option too.
Driving to Morzine is also completely feasible from the other French or even Dutch ports which are serviced by the UK ports. Dieppe or Dunkquerke are serviced by the south coast ports or Amsterdam or Hook of Holland in the Netherlands are serviced by ports on the east coast

Driving To Morzine From Calais
Once you arrive in Calais you have around eight and a half hours of open road ahead of you. By far the best option is to take the toll roads. It is possible to drive to Morzine avoiding the toll roads however it is incredibly slow, very easy to take a wrong turn and is best avoided in our experience. The toll roads are fantastic, they are generally speaking very quiet, very direct and avoid the busy city centres. The tolls will cost you about 150EUR return (depending on vehicle etc) and you pass through the peage (toll booths) at various points along the route. They can be paid in cash or card, just make sure you enter the correct lane for your preferred payment option (sign posted above the lane).

The Route to Drive to Morzine
Leaving Calais the best route takes you onto the A16 briefly heading East before spurring South onto the A26 following the signs for Reims. You’ll reach Reims in around three hours and it’s a great spot for a pit stop with plenty of well-equipped service stations. Leaving Reims you’ll want to continue South on the A26 towards Troyes. Just past Troyes join the A5 heading South East and follow the signs for Dijon. If you want somewhere to stay overnight then Dijon is a great place for it. You’ll reach Dijon in around five hours from Calais  and you're just over half way to Morzine. 
From Dijon take the A39 south before turning east on the A40 just past Bourg en Bresse. The A40 is also known as the Autoroute Blanche and this stretch of the drive is where the excitement for reaching the mountains comes to life. After a long tunnel you emerge onto an elevated bridge above the town of Nantua and all of  sudden you are surrounded by the peaks of mountains. The A40 then heads towards and skirts along the Swiss border by Geneva. Shortly after passing Geneva you will leave the motorway at junction 15 sign posted La Vallee Verte. From here you’ll start seeing signs for Les Portes du Soleil as you follow the D907 towards the town of Tanninges. From here fork left onto the D902 sign posted for Les Gets and Morzine and the road climbs and winds its way up into the mountains. Passing through the beautiful village of Les Gets you’ll get your first glimpse of the lifts and trails before shortly arriving in Morzine.

What You’ll Need to Drive to Morzine
Driving regulations in France are slightly different so you’ll need to make sure you have all of the following items:
UK driving licence
Proof of European Insurance
V5 or photocopy
UK sticker (this replaces GB stickers which are no longer valid from september 2021)
Headlight deflectors
Warning triangle
High visibility jackets for all occupants of the vehicle
Spare bulb kit

All of these items can be purchased on the ferry & euro tunnel terminals but at a premium price. We recommend purchasing these in a pack beforehand.

Driving To Morzine From Mainland Europe
Morzine is just half an hour's drive up into the mountains from the A40 motorway that skirts Geneva. The French toll road system is incredibly efficient and enables good transport links with Morzine and the rest of Europe. The Mont Blanc tunnel is an hour's drive from Morzine offering good transport links with Italy and South Eastern Europe.

Parking in Morzine during the Summer
It is free to park in the vast majority of Morzine in the Summer months, this includes on street parking and council owner underground car parks meaning there is plenty of place to park your car. Most of our Morzine Summer Accommodation also has free secure parking as standard. There is also the big Carrefour supermarket carpark in the centre of town, this is free parking however every Wednesday the town holds a market there so your car must be moved on Tuesday night or it will be towed at your expense.

Camping in Morzine
With more and more people liking the freedom of being on the road we have seen a significant increase in the numbers of camper vans visting Morzine. Unfortunately the days of camping in carrefour carpark are over and the authorities have completely shut this down, certain people camp at Nyon gondola carpark, however this is also being shut down by the authorities leaving very few remaining options.

woman stands celebrating after driving to morzine

Driving To Morzine
Key Stats

  • 541 miles from Calais

  • Achievable in around 8 hours on a good run

  • Channel Crossing, toll road and fuel costs to consider

  • Great option for those wanting to travel with multiple bikes or lots of spares and tools

  • ​Perfect option for those traveling as a group to share costs and driving responsibilities

  • It's not nessercary by any means, but it's nice having a car in resort.

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