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WHAT A DAY! This years Bike Morzine Rip Off Worlds  absolutely went off! We saw everything from huge whips, front flips, 360's, mini bike flips and so much more, all in front of a huge crowd of 300 people enjoying the action, some fresh pizzas, local beers and world class MTB action, there's no wonder the Rip Off is often referred to as "the best day of summer" by riders and spectators alike.

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Here at Bike Morzine we host these events out of our own pocket and for the good of the Morzine MTB community, these events are completely free for everyone and we have an huge prize bag to giveaway thanks to our amazing sponsors. . Seeing all mountain bikers young, old, male, female, beginner, professional and everyone in between push their own limits, make new friends and most importantly having fun is what these events are all about. It doesn't matter if you came first or last, if you're having fun then you're the best biker on the mountain.

That feeling of landing your first ever backflip in front of 300 people.
Sadie Aldrdige Photo

Everyones Welcome at Bike Morzine Mates Races . Sadie Aldridge Photo

This years event saw us running a Jam style format made up of 2 hours on the infamous Super Morzine "Widowmaker" tabletop, followed by 2 hours on the brand new trick jump. This provided the perfect platform for a mix of downhill style whips and freestyle tricks. The legendary trail crew at Avoriaz MTB freshly reshaped the widow maker removing the split lip options and making the jump far better to throw whips in both directions. The mulch jump that is a new addition for 2022 provided a safe environment for people to learn new tricks, you could tell how confident the riders where by the amount of firsts we saw and with riders taking big slams but walking away is always a sign of a good jump for progression.  Bike Morzine owner Russ Paver was on the mic and with a large goodie bag of spot prizes managed to get both the crowd and the riders fired up for this epic session.

Mini Bike Madness - Sadie Aldridge Photo

Trick Jump Session went off - Sadie Aldridge Photo

Our goal with these events is to keep mountain biking fun and have friendly competition with yourself and your mates because of this and the jam style format we chose not rank every single rider, but instead give away spot prizes, bar tabs and 200 euros cash at the event for anyone that impressed us and award the following results:






Best Trick Winner Arthur DuBlonde - Adam Conrad Photo

As we said it ain't about the results, it's about having fun.  What an epic day in the sun followed by an all-time afterparty on the Rue Du Bourg. Huge thanks everyone for riding, cheering and being a part of Morzine mountain biking and a huge thanks to our sponsors below. We'll see you all next year.

Avoriaz MTB - Santa Cruz Bicycles - Burgtec - Muc Off - - The Woods - Satellite Coffee - Stay Hideout

See you all in Summer 2023,
Big Love,
Bike Morzine


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