At Bike Morzine, we love the mountains.

Be it mountain biking in the summer months, skiing in the winter and everything in-between. We're guessing if you're reading this, you're probably in love with the mountains as well.  
Sadly the way we enjoy the mountains, the associated seasons and activities we love, are massively under threat due to Climate Change. Travel & Tourism is undoubtably one of many contributing factors to this global problem and here at Bike Morzine, we believe its time companies took responsibility and give something back to the mountains that give us so much

We believe that actions speak louder than words, so check out a few steps we are taking to help reduce the environmental impact of your Morzine MTB holiday.

As of October 1st, every single Morzine Accommodation booking through Bike Morzine will result in a tree being planted, where it is needed the most through our friends at

​This is a gift to our guests and comes at no extra cost to you.

When booking your Morzine summer accommodation with Bike Morzine, you will be encouraged to make a Carbon Offset donation during checkout of whatever you deem suitable. Bike Morzine will match every single donation. This donation goes towards World Land Trust, who offset carbon emissions by protecting threatened habitats that would otherwise have been lost.

Our Morzine mtb bike washes are proud to use only 100% biodegradable bike wash & degreaser thanks to our friends at Muc Off.

All of our Morzine MTB  Accommodation also use environmentally friendly cleaning products and consumables where possible.

We encourage all of our Morzine summer guests to reduce all power/water wastage, reduce & recycle wherever possible.


Bike Morzine guests love to grab some Bike Morzine MTB merchandise as a souvenir of their Morzine MTB holiday, however we are well aware that clothing manufacturing, fast fashion & packaging have a huge impact on the environment.  We are taking responsibility and making an effort to reduce the environmental impact of our Morzine mountain biking merchandise through the following steps.

All orders are posted using 100% recycled & biodegradable materials.

Bike Morzine MTB merchandise is printed on organic materials and uses eco-friendly printing where possible.

We have significantly upped the quality of our biking T-shirts materials and print. This comes at a price but is well worth it as the t-shirt should last for 5+ years.

Check out the Bike Morzine Store here.